Learning to help our kids cope with education

If there is anything that has proven to be an indicator of the changing times of COVID, it is education.

We are now two years into this rotten adventure and the ups and downs, the fears and small triumphs, the confusion and the ripple effects – all of them have manifested in the classroom.

From the extremes of long-term home-schooling in Victoria to the on again-off again approach of New South Wales and the delayed impacts in Queensland, our school-aged children have ridden the roundabout.

Let’s hope not too many of them have been flung off as it escalated without warning or slammed to a halt. Because, as much as this has been a difficult time for teachers and parents, our kids have had a muddled, confused experience where just about everything has changed.

And yet they are expected not to.

They are expected to return to their friends, or their schools, or back home to their families, as if it was a normal, routine year in which they could achieve their myriad tasks at the normal rate with the normal level of achievement.

As adults, many of us have – maybe for the first time – felt like we had limited control over our own lives. We have had restraints we never expected that have kept us isolated, masked and at home.

I’m not complaining. I’m still alive and so is my family.

As COVID has become widespread, the fear has reduced along with the symptoms. Our country has certainly seen worse times.

But as little control as we have had, our children have had less. Sometimes they have not known from one week to the next, or one day to the next, whether they will be in school or out of it. They have not had family holidays or friend gatherings to look forward to.

Many of the predictable, routine things that help their school time move along have been removed.

Now, as we face our children going back to school, we can’t once again take this as the signal that we are “back to normal”. We need to take into account their interrupted education, their own fears through this journey and the fact that we really don’t know what the next few months will bring.

We have new guidelines, new restrictions, new rules, as we have for every term for the past two years. We are entering the RAT period.In this rat-infested era, I am yet to meet a single RAT.

I believe they exist, but they are rarer than the spotted quoll. I’m looking forward to an introduction this week as we do a pick up at the school gates.

Then we will need to swab our child’s throat twice a week until further notice.

What a world we live in. And, while we are still alive and well, let’s help our kids stay that way.

Marie Low is a freelance journalist.

Why Two Cats Creative uses WordPress​

There is no one solution that is perfect for everyone, but for most people serious about their business and building their online presence, self-hosted WordPress is the best fit.

It allows you to own all of your content, and you aren’t left hanging if the platform (i.e. Wix, Weebly etc) decide to close their doors, or remove functions that you rely on.

Your WordPress website is also open to unlimited growth. You can start with a basic site and then evolve to include e-commerce, memberships and much more. You aren’t restricted like you are with other platforms that are closed.

Additionally, the SEO potential of WordPress is powerful. WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly from the outset and it only gets better when you use SEO-friendly themes and plugins.

Clients often come to us because they’ve already got a website built with Wix or Squarespace, but as their business has grown, their website is unable to grow with them. For example, they need features that the other platforms don’t offer (or, not at least without their monthly fee sky-rocketing). 

Having said that, some smaller businesses do just want a presence and that’s it. They don’t care about being found on Google, they don’t need anything fancy, and they don’t want to pay someone to maintain their website. If that’s the case, then one of the other platforms may be a better fit.

You may have heard that WordPress is more complicated to use but we make it as user-friendly as possible and we will guide you every step of the way.

We use WordPress because it is a future-proof solution that gives you the most options, no matter how much your business grows.