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Marie Low's fortnightly column, The Lowdown. Marie has more than 30 years experience as a journalist and communicator.
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Counting your blessings, and your COVID fears

Anyone else feel like they are standing on one of the last pieces of the cracked glacier as it melts around them? For the first few days heading back into COVID territory, it seemed pretty easy to leap from one piece of ice to the other, delivering what was needed

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Winners and losers: two very different pictures

Your mum’s a bad loser, I told my daughter recently. And you come from a long line of them. The Scrabble game had come out on a family holiday, and I felt my anxiety levels rising. The sight of the Monopoly box can have me near meltdown. We didn’t play

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Railing against only COVID solutions achieves little

I’m worried for Australia, where the COVID-19 rip current is starting to become very apparent. The ocean of our population contains a seething, angry, frightened element who can now find each other via social media and share and feed their anger. This erupted in Australia on the weekend when there

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How technology rapidly reimagined our lives

There is a story I feel has been left untold. It’s the story of a generation. I have reached the age of 51. I’m not expecting congratulations – I got here by being lucky enough to wake up every day. But, having been born just this side of 1970, I

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Why Two Cats Creative uses WordPress​

There is no one solution that is perfect for everyone, but for most people serious about their business and building their online presence, self-hosted WordPress is the best fit.

It allows you to own all of your content, and you aren’t left hanging if the platform (i.e. Wix, Weebly etc) decide to close their doors, or remove functions that you rely on.

Your WordPress website is also open to unlimited growth. You can start with a basic site and then evolve to include e-commerce, memberships and much more. You aren’t restricted like you are with other platforms that are closed.

Additionally, the SEO potential of WordPress is powerful. WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly from the outset and it only gets better when you use SEO-friendly themes and plugins.

Clients often come to us because they’ve already got a website built with Wix or Squarespace, but as their business has grown, their website is unable to grow with them. For example, they need features that the other platforms don’t offer (or, not at least without their monthly fee sky-rocketing). 

Having said that, some smaller businesses do just want a presence and that’s it. They don’t care about being found on Google, they don’t need anything fancy, and they don’t want to pay someone to maintain their website. If that’s the case, then one of the other platforms may be a better fit.

You may have heard that WordPress is more complicated to use but we make it as user-friendly as possible and we will guide you every step of the way.

We use WordPress because it is a future-proof solution that gives you the most options, no matter how much your business grows.